AHC AESTHEBALANCE™: Skincare techniques used by professional aestheticians are now available to replicate at home.
Follow our tutorial videos to get the best results from our products.
AHC Beauty Ritual-Skin Care


Straightening your neck also prevents wrinkles and improves your posture.

AHC Beauty Ritual-Ampoule+Mask

Let’s begin by stretching.


STEP 01) Remember, you can prevent visible neck lines simply by stretching.

STEP 02) Back and shoulder muscles get tired easily.
Stretch forward to release tension in these areas.

STEP 03) Press on the center of the muscle and stretch again to relax the muscles.

STEP 04) The next step is to open the pores.
Rub your palms together to warm them.
Spread ampoule on your palms, then wrap the palms around your cheeks and your neck area until sufficiently absorbed.

STEP 05) Select ampoule A, B, or C according to your skin’s need.
(A: Resillience, B: Hydration, C: Brightening)

STEP 06) Tap all over the skin with your fingertips. This method is used for fast and even application and absorption.
It helps circulation and stimulates skin to improve texture.

STEP 07) This method also clarifies your complexion—a total care solution, and one of the major services provided at aesthetic spas.


STEP 08) Unfold the mask and lay it on your face. Use a brush to smooth out the air bubbles from the center outward.
Brush your neck area with the remaining essence from the package.

STEP 09) While the mask’s essence is sinking in, use Q-tips to apply acupressure on the meridians of your face.

AHC Beauty Ritual-Eye Cream for Face

Eye Cream for Face

STEP 01) Apply in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, chin, and neck.

STEP 02) Massaging the neck not only helps smoothly discharge toxins, but it also improves your complexion and minimizes visible neck lines.

STEP 03) Starting in the center at your nose, sweep your hands outward from cheek to ear.

Then, as lightly as you can, sweep across the bone in the undereye area.

Proceed to the eyelids, and apply light pressure on the temples.

STEP 04) Massaging and lifting the mouth area with your hands helps prevent smile lines and protects against cracked and sore lips.

STEP 05) While doing this, make sure your posture is straight with your chin pulled in.

This posture strengthens spinal muscles and can even make your nose sharper.

STEP 06) Make a fist and use the flat area of your fingers between the knuckles to lift skin upward.

STEP 07) Use your index and middle fingers to brush up and down.

STEP 08) To relieve facial swelling or puffiness, use your palms to brush from the ears downward to the neck and collarbone area.