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Niacin Biome Mela Scissors Cleansing Foam

Volume: 150ml

Product Details

Improve skin transparency immediately and help clear sebum wastes from pores

  • Lucent Biome™

    Skin brightening microbiome that provides direct brightening effect to the skin

  • Lighten Spots

    Mela Scissors Enzyme™ lightens existing blemishes

  • Inhibits Spots

    High purity 99% Niacinamide deeply inhibits the formation of spots


3% Niacinamide

Improve skin tone

3% Niacinamide

1% Mela Scissors Enzyme™

Instant tone-up

1% Mela Scissors Enzyme™

1% Lucent Biome™

Brightening & Skin barrier

1% Lucent Biome™


How to use

Instantly Improve Skin Transparency for an Aesthetic Glow

1. Pinch to awaken skin

2. Put an appropriate amount on your hand

3. Make enough foam

4. Gently massage on skin 

5. Wash with lukewarm water


Brand Ambassadors

Yeonseo Oh

Whether on the screen or in everyday life, she constantly shines in various fields of interest.  Her unwavering and enterprising attitude has driven her to, transform herself and not being satisfied with her current status. She personifies the journey of beauty AHC advocates.

Yeonseo Oh

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